Field Trip: Left Hand Brewery and Tasting Room

The Left Hand Brewery is about an hour away from our house in Denver, so we usually need some outside impetus to make the trek out there.  When we got a free pumpkin coupon in our produce delivery last week, (I know, that sounds like the most pretentious sentence ever, but if you live in Colorado for awhile this starts to seem normal, peeps take the produce sarioslah out here) with a Longmont redemption requirement, we’d found our impetus!

I like Left Hand’s beers.  Depending on the day, I like them a lot.  Their Milk Stout on a nitrogen tap is a dream- It’s one Julie’s favorite beers, period. However, I really like Left Hand’s brewery and tasting room.  The space is great- big, open walls out to the patio and a view of the Rockies that you can practically touch.  The front yard features Cornhole and a shuffleboard table. The indoor bar is small, I’d cozy, and if you get there early, has a local dive bar feel to it.  Or it would, if dive bars were clean, sunny, and served delicious craft beer.  Really, on a warm Monday afternoon in October in Colorado, I’d be happy drinking water in that setup.

Mmmmmmm- delicious Milk Stout

But it gets better, because there’s beer! I went for a glass of their Ambidextrous II, which was smoky, and brown, and a little sweet, and a little strange, and those are things I like in a beer. And some people. But I digress.  Jules stuck with her nitro Milk Stout, but the beer man convinced her to try the cask conditioned Milk Stout too, and that was also good- although we felt the texture lacked in comparison.  We also sampled their Back to Black IV, and their Oktoberfest.  I thought the Oktoberfest especially was a standout for the type.  It was also fun to try since we just opened our first batch of beer- a brown Oktoberfest lager.  The homebrewing experience changed the tasting practice of similar style beers for me. I felt like I could identify certain tastes in the finished beer that I remembered from similar smells during the brewing process. And, most exciting, I could also taste some similarities between the beers- homebrew success!!

Our final taster of the day was the Wake Up Dead stout, and I think it was the standout.  It’s delicious; we compared it to the beer version of port with its dark chocolate and raisin flavors.  It’s a high alcohol beer, prompting our favorite bartender quote of the day.  We mentioned that the beer was good, but that the taster size glasses seemed to be a pretty optimal serving.  The bartender replied, “Yeah, if you drink a full pint of that, you’re going to be changing your plans for the rest of the day.” So, naturally, we bought a bomber of it for Thanksgiving.  I think it fits into our plans for the day nicely.

Cheers to sunshine and shuffleboard!