Election Day and some new discoveries

Happy Election Day, U.S. homebrewers!

A review/roundup post today- it’s a busy day, and a busy time of year for ALL of us, I’m sure!

In the fridge:  We’re drinking Deschutes brewery’s Jubelale currently.  We’re on our second six pack/week of it, if you’re looking for total honesty here.  Julie and I are both big fans of seasonal beers, and I’ve been looking forward to this one since last year!  Plus, they come in the type of bottles we need to save for our homebrew- bonus!

Homebrew Tip:  Have you trained all of your friends to save their (non twist off) bottles for you yet? We’ve been trying to put the word out since we started brewing, and it’s really paying off!  I made out like a bandit with empties from a friend’s birthday party this weekend (Thanks, Tessa and Kyle!).  It helps that this friend’s fiancée is a beer guy, so he gladly accepts homebrew in exchange for his empties.  Kyle also exposed me to some new beer this weekend…

Discoveries:  Kyle also gave me a glass of the New Belgium/ Alpine Brewing Company collaboration, the Super IPA.  I was a skeptic, because I’m not jumping on the hops for the sake of hopping it bandwagon.  To me, it’s like atomic chicken wings.  I can show how I’m totalllllly cool by downing something so spicy that there’s no flavor left, or I can dial it down a few notches and enjoy it.  Same with really really really hoppy beer.   I can drink it, but I don’t love it, and really, I like to taste all the flavors in my beer, as opposed to a hop scorcher.   In the end, I was glad Kyle persuaded me on the Super IPA because it was a delicious, smooth, complex IPA. I may or may not have procured my own bomber of it yesterday.  I’m giving a lot of credit to the presence of my much-adored Amarillo hops- I can’t wait to add some of that grapefruity goodness to our next batch of homebrew!

Ky also showed me his precious, single bottle (bottle- not bomber) of the Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA.  We didn’t open it this weekend (he’s waiting for the right moment) but I’m going to go ahead and hold on to my skepticism on this one.  15-20% ABV and 120 IBUs- phew!  I’ll get his review on it, when he finds the perfect moment. If you try it, let us know what you think too!

Here’s where you can learn more about the beers I’m rambling about, and find out how to get some of your own!

Deschutes’ Jubelale

New Belgium/ Alpine Brewing Company’s Super IPA

Dogfish Head’s 120 minute IPA

Finally- don’t forget to vote today.  And all you lady homebrewers remember, women weren’t ‘given’ the vote, a bunch of strong, courageous women fought for us to have that right.  Let’s get out there and use it!  Cheers to civil rights for all- and the beer all of us can use to make it through a contentious election day!