Hello! I’m Kelsey. I live in Colorado where the original, crafty beer flows like wine.  After gleefully sampling all the delicious beer we can access, my partner, Julie, and I started homebrewing for the first time this year as Hops and Shiller.

When we decided we wanted to home brew, I did what I always do when I want to learn how to do something new- I checked out every book on the subject in the library, and I started talking to strangers. We quickly found that most of the authors of these books, and most of the strangers I met that showed an interest in the subject were men. I like men, I like most people who want to talk about beer, but we started noticing some gender related communication and socialization differences right away and we felt like perhaps it was time for some home brewing ladies to maybe give their take on the beginners’ perspective.

We hope we can offer some help- or at the very least some entertainment. At the very very least, we’ll be good looking and talk about beer.


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